Internet Craze: Cyber Security Essentials


The Internet has opened doors for numerous conveniences, especially when it comes to communication. Aside from being able to communicate with relatives or friends miles away, users can now pay bills, look up products and services, and interact with people across the globe.

Indeed, the Internet is a powerful bridge that connects people. However, a lot of consumers still do not understand the importance of security in the cyber world. Below are some cyber security essentials that will help you understand why privacy is still the most important thing above all.

Cyber Essentials is a largely debated topic that experts and enthusiasts are still fighting about. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms strive to protect the privacy of their users, some breaches still happen and personal information of millions of users can be revealed to the world. This is something that every social media platform, website, and online provider seeks.

Thanks to cyber security essentials, a lot of personal information online is still protected. Organizations and cyber-specializing companies are working together to ensure that the details you don’t want to share with people are kept within the system of the platform where you placed the information. Trust is the foundation of social media. People trust that the owners and technicians of Facebook and other social media sites networks will keep their details from the entire world. Know more about cyber security at

However, it is important that you, as a user, do the necessary steps to protect your data from being stolen or used for potential crimes. Identity theft is a highly common crime that involves cyber security. If you don’t protect your information well, criminals may steal your information and use your identity to commit crimes.

One of the most important things to remember in cyber security is your password. Use a password that is not easy to crack. When Ashley-Madison was hacked, most of the passwords cracked by the hackers were common numbers such as 1234 or 4321. Use a variety of numbers and capitalized or small letters. This is a simple but sure way of contributing to the goals of cyber security experts in protecting the privacy of users. You may not be able to protect everyone but at least you can protect yourself.

Another thing to remember is to not give out too much information about yourself on social media. If you are too much of an open book, chances are, your cyber security goals may not be achieved. Don’t post about the location you’re vacationing in and don’t allow people you don’t really know into your circle.

CISSP certification include self-guarding. With the millions of people using the Internet, you can only do so much as protect your own data.


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